It is important for you to have a basic understanding of your tax situation, as well as running your business in a way that provides the best tax outcomes. Most business owners have never had someone explain this information in a way that is easy for them to understand. We will work with you in understanding some of these basics. Such as:

How is my tax calculated?

When am I required to pay my taxes and how much should I plan for?

How do I read my financial statement?

Is this a deductible business expenses per the IRS?

How do I substantiate my business record?

What is the best retirement plan for my business?

What is the value of my business deductions?

How much tax do I save for every $1 of deduction?

And many more…

Remember we know you are good at what you do, but understanding some fundamental aspects of your business is important.

Other areas of advisory service include succession planning, owner compensation, rental and investment property planning, education savings strategies